This Week in Food Crazy: Philadelphia Cheesesteak Egg Rolls and Pizza Pot Pies, Just No

Now’s the time to wrap up the week and share all the literally, literally insane food news and weird food trends we’ve seen this week. Needless to say, be afraid. Be very afraid.

This week, there’s 3D soldier food, far too many food hybrids, and one Anthony Weiner restaurant. Will it be a weiner-Weiner restaurant?

Kentucky Floating Restaurant Sinks Into River (ABC News)

That was bound to happen.

Anthony Weiner Plans To Open Restaurant In Queens (Huffington Post)

That was also bound to happen.

Soldiers Can Look Forward to 3-D Printing All of Their Meals in War Zones (Grubstreet)

Whoooooo boy.

This Pizza Pot Pie Has Another Pizza On Top Of It, Of Course (Thrillist)

Go home, Thrillist, you’re drunk.

This California Restaurant Has Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls (Foodbeast)

Also drunk.

Pancake Lasagna: An Insanely Decadent Start to the Day (Popsugar Food)


Wisconsin State Fair Gives Us The Chicken and Waffle Cone and It’s Glorious

Oh right, that is glorious. Carry on.

That Hoax Underfinger Restaurant Had a Dinner and Everything We Believe About Restaurants Came to Life

Also glorious.

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