This Woman Needs a Date For the Noma Tokyo Pop-Up. Any Takers?


Looking for a San Francisco male, “easy on the eyes,” with “good conversational skills,” and who isn’t afraid of hairless cats. Men, get on that!

It’s a tale as old as time: girl gets asked to the dance reservations to arguably the world’s most famous pop-up, none other than the Tokyo pop-up version of Rene Redzepi’s Copenhagen restaurant, Noma. Girl beats odds and is one of 60,000 to get a reservation for the two month-long pop-up. But girl has no one to take to the dinner.

That’s why San Francisco entrepreneur Stephanie Robesky took to her website for applications to dine with her at Noma Tokyo on her 39th birthday. “I decided since I’m single and dateless on what will be my 39th birthday that I would open up the opportunity for someone to take advantage of this crazy, once in a lifetime meal and find myself a date,” writes Robesky on her website, Nerdgirl.

Robesky says she’ll cover the cost of the meal and wine pairings (because we are all dying to know what wine goes with chocolate-covered mushrooms), but dates have to pay their own way to Tokyo. Dinner at Noma Tokyo is about $550 per person.

But seriously, men, get on that. Not just for the crazy elaborate Redzepi creations, but also because this chick sounds awesome. Robesky describes herself as:

38 (going to be 39 as of meal) / 5’6 / slim shady
Likes to read, watch movies & bad TV, blog, play ukulele, go to theater and lectures, play board games, cook, hang out with bald cats, scuba dive, nerd out on gadgets, travel and eat good food.

Proof of the world's most pathetic New Year's Eve. Happy New Year. #allbymyself #2015

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Not a bad dining partner, especially at Noma. (Don’t worry, it’s not like the cat’s gonna be there.)

Baby needs some love after Mama's been away all day. #Oscar #sphynx #cats

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[Nerdgirl h/t The Bold Italic h/t The Daily Meal]

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