Thomas Keller And Andoni Luis Aduriz: Sustainablity Is Not A Chef’s Responsibility

Sustainability, eco-friendly, and carbon footprint-reducing fanatics need to brace themselves: Thomas Keller and Andoni Luis Aduriz just laid a smackdown on the environment. The two chefs sat down with the New York Times to discuss how they didn’t think it was their responsibility as chefs to watch Mother Nature’s back.

“With the relatively small number of people I feed, is it really my responsibility to worry about carbon footprint?” Keller asked. “The world’s governments should be worrying about carbon footprint…Is global food policy truly our responsibility, or in our control? I don’t think so.”

And that’s coming from the American.

Aduriz wholeheartedly agrees with the “brave answer,” clarifying, “Of course I buy as many things as I can nearby. But to align yourself entirely with the idea of sustainability makes chefs complacent and limited.”

So what is a restaurant’s higher calling (besides, of course, to give the diners multiple foodgasms)? Prepare yourselves, because Aduriz lays it real heavy on us: “The job of a restaurant is to make the gap tighter between our experience and their context.”

Man, where was that line when you were trying to write your thesis?

Of course, this interview spurred a Twitter kerfuffle, with even Ted Allen weighing in, tweeting, “With caveats, I agree….”

What do you think about the notion of chef as political crusader? Sound off in the comments below!

[New York Times]

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