WATCH: Thomas Keller Suggests New Limitations For The Term ‘Celebrity Chef’

Thomas Keller stopped by CBS This Morning to discuss his transition from chef to restaurateur/celebrity, and, while rhapsodizing about things like “commitment” and “total dedication,” he called for new limitations on what it means to be a celebrity chef.

Some chefs hate the designation, while others aim for celeb status first, culinary acclaim later. According to Keller, it’s all much simpler than that. Do you forage to compose your menu, and have a deep, close, personal, meaningful relationship with your local farmers while running a successful restaurant? Boom! You should be a celebrity. Everyone else step aside. Says Keller:

“One of the things we’ve been talking about for years is our re-connection to our farmers, fisherman, foragers and our gardeners…I think that’s really important. Chefs, we call chef celebrities and stars, and I think really that right should be given to those people who are committed, who really commit their lives to raising animals or farming for us, growing vegetables or fishing or out foraging. Those are just extraordinary individuals who do that every day.”

Ready to have your minds blown? Technically, Guy Fieri still counts as a celebrity chef by those standards. See: his chicken coop and “organic gardens”.

Check out Keller in his interview below.

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