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Thomas Keller: Every Chef Should Get Their Start As A Dishwasher

CBS This Morning loves Thomas Keller. He performed a double header, appearing again on today’s Saturday edition after yesterday’s show, to keep it real in a cooking segment with grilled cheese and tomato soup. He freely admitted that while he was a great cook, he knew nothing about how to run a dining room or about book-keeping. In fact, he says, the best training a wannabe chef could possibly receive is washing dishes. According to Keller:

“You learn so many of the basic skills of being a cook washing dishes, if you think about it. You have to be organized, you have to be efficient, you have to enjoy repetition, rituals are really important, you’re part of a team. And all of those skills are also what you have to be as a really good cook. So I think dishwashing, for me, was great training to be a really great cook.”

So next time your friends balk at how you survive without a dishwasher in your apartment, just tell them you’re training to be a chef, via The Thomas Keller method.

Check out the clip below.

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