Thomas Keller’s Stance On Peeps Might Surprise You

Hideously embarrassed that you’re obsessed with marshmallow Peeps? It’s totally cool! Thomas Keller says you can be! He was featured this morning on NPR’s The Salt, where he discussed the mythology behind popular Easter dishes, as well as his technique for making home-whipped, colorful marshmallow eggs. When presented by the interviewer with a box of Peeps, Thomas cheerfully exclaimed:

“Peeps! Chicks! Chicks make peeps! Peep peep peep peep peep…They’re cute. They’re very cute. And they remind us of when we were kids. I mean, we ate those all the time. And the boys would usually bite the heads off first. Arrr.”

It’s possible that someone’s suffering from a little manic Easter prep meltdown. But, we’re relieved that a three-Michelin-starred Peeps sympathizer walks among us.

You can hear Thomas Keller’s best Peep impression here.


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