Thomas Keller Has No More Worlds To Conquer, And He’s Cool With That

Thomas Keller paused at the end of an interview with Reuters about his newest book, Bouchon Bakery, and gazed upon the vastness of his culinary empire: a three-Michelin star restaurant on either side of the continent, a chain of successful bistros and bakeries dotting the vistas, multiple cookbooks published, the adulation of millions, and some worshipping him as a living god.

But lo, Thomas Keller did not weep, as Alexander The Great and Hans Gruber once did, when asked: “What more would you like to accomplish in the culinary world?”

“I have accomplished today everything I wanted to accomplish, more than I ever dreamed was possible,” he responded. “Right now, I’m just focused on the restaurants we have and the book I just wrote. Let me enjoy this moment before you ask me what I’ll be doing tomorrow.”

And thus, by rejecting the lure of face-branded soup cans and stints as a permanent judge on Top Chef, did Thomas Keller exemplify the republican ideal as he quietly returned to his farms in Yountville, patiently waiting for his next big idea and eating a pile of delicious baguettes (“Anyone who lived in Paris for any length of time would say eating a fresh baguette is pretty special”). Such is the pinnacle of happiness.



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