Thomas Keller Working on Mysterious NYC Project of Mystery

Though he could be plenty content and challenged with running two of America’s best restaurants (and a tiny empire of Bouchons), Thomas Keller apparently has something cool in the works: a new NYC restaurant, part of “an historic project” of something. 

Keller dropped this ENORMOUS TEASING HINT during an interview with Vegas Seven, in the middle of a discussion about his impressive legacy. He didn’t say much about it, but apart from this SUPER SECRET PROJECT that is KILLING US ALL WITH ANTICIPATION, he’s focusing on the longevity of his restaurant business: “I’ve always associated restaurants with sports franchises,” he told the paper. “And one of our responsibilities is assuring that we are preparing the next generation of leaders today.”

That’s a nice lesson, but what is this restaurant? What is it? Please tell us! What if we die of measles before this project can come to fruition!? New York is having a measles epidemic. So you should tell us.

(Jokes. We’re vaccinated. Everyone should be vaccinated. This is a secret public service announcement, buried in a blog post about a famous chef potentially opening a restaurant. You’re welcome.)

[Vegas Seven via Grub Street]

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