Thousands Of Reddit Users/Rabid Hell’s Kitchen Fans Clamor For Gordon Ramsay AMA

Nowadays, with all that internet flying around, it’s easy to request some time with celebrities via the social networking site Reddit, particularly via their Ask Me Anything group.  Previously, food world luminaries like Anthony BourdainMichael Pollan, Harley Morenstein, and a fake Adam Richman answered the questions of thousands of redditors; but those users can also request that celebrities visit the site as well. The most popular request today, as of publishing: Gordon Ramsay.

Granted, they’re well aware that Ramsay’s could potentially set them up for a world of abuse (the top comment: “WHERE’S THE RISOTTO?! FUCKING USELESS.”), but a quick glance at the top comments proves that they’re all really, really, really big Gordon Ramsay fans. The majority of redditors praised all of his shows (even the more obscure ones, like Gordon’s Great Escapes), credited his culinary teaching style, and even could spend hours trading their favorite Gordon insults back and forth:

As of now, the Gordon Ramsay request is more popular than the requests for Rachel Maddow, Alanis MorrisettePatrick Stewart, or, in fact, the vast majority of AMA requests — in fact, it’s one of the most popular threads on the entire site. (1500+ upvotes can’t be wrong, narwhals!) So if Gordon Ramsay or his team is listening, it’s time to face the internet hoi polloi: do it. Please do it. Do it do it do it do it do it.



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