WATCH: Tiffani Faison Proves Why She’d Flip The Big Gay Ice Cream Guys On Today

Top Chef All-Stars’ Tiffani Fasion appeared on The Fourth Hour of Today with Kathy Lee and Hoda today to demo a comforting fall sausage dish. One of the anchors encouraged Tiffani’s innate sausage sauciness, and the other tried desperately to steer the pair away from sausage jokes. Care to guess who was who?

We won’t ruin it for you, but sausages were thrown, a “flying sausages” bit was created, and Tiffani proved exactly why the Big Gay Ice Cream guys, Bryan Petroff and Doug Quint called her out as one of the female chefs capable of flipping them with her food. And we quote, “What’s the name of that crazy bitch up in Boston? Tiffani Faison. She’s nuts. I like her.”

See why, and the clip, below.

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