WATCH: Tim Love Skewers Natalie Morales With His Charms On Today

Natalie Morales is hereby inducted into the club of Morning News Show Anchors We Can Stand To Host Cooking Segments (President: Lara Spencer; Banned for Life: Savannah Guthrie), because she actually knows a thing or two about being in the kitchen. Coupled with Chef Tim Love’s fratty sass, the pair came across as totally charming this morning on The Today Show, where Tim demoed chili-marinated shrimp skewers for your next tailgate.

Not only did Natalie accurately point out that the reason you can’t leave shrimp in a chili lime marinade for too long was because they turn into ceviche, but Tim also predicted that she’d wind up on Bon Appetit’s Top 50 Best New Restaurants list right alongside his resto if she stuck with him. (Down, boy.)

At the end of the segment, Tim even let Natalie pour on the beurre blanc (a.k.a. “white butter sauce,” if you’re from Texas).

“Go ahead. Be a hero,” he quipped as she performed her all-important saucier duties.

Check out the clip below to watch Tim Love continue to carve out a special place in our hearts for funny, sensitive butcher types.

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