Tonight In Food TV: Both Time Machine Chefs And Extreme Chef Premiere

If you’ve been craving a night’s worth of intense TV chef badassery, ABC and Food Network have stepped up to the plate. They even had the decency to communicate with one another about airing their two shows with near-identical premises in complementary primetime slots!

First, Time Machine Chefs premieres tonight at 9pm on ABC. This is the one with actual celebrity chefs like Top Chef alum Ilan Hall, Jill Davies, and our favorite feuding Top Chef Masters Art Smith and Chris Cosentino. Time Machine Chefs has them stepping into a time-traveling refrigerator to cook the food of ancient cultures with historically accurate tools and cooking techniques. No, this is not Dr. Who. This is Time Machine Chefs. Catch the trailer here and watch a special sneak peek of tonight’s episode (which features a time trip to Ancient China) here.

Food Network lamely attempts to follow up with Extreme Chef, which is doomed for failure because 1 — no sexy badass famouses, 2 — no sexy famous gays, and 3 — no famouses. Did we mention there are no celebs? And it’s just a contest to see what regular non-James Beard Nominees can cook in a duststorm? Great. Because that’s what Extreme Chef is about. But check out the trailer below for giggles. We know you couldn’t possibly take it seriously because there are no time machines on it.

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