To Celebrate the End of AlineaBabyGate (Or Whatever), The Best Tweets from @AlineaBaby


So the Grant Achatzbaby thing is kind of over, right? He suffered intense criticism, made some parents angry, and blamed the whole thing on the inconsiderate kids, not the baby. But really, the best thing to come out of the whole thing is @AlineaBaby, because obviously.

Within the last week, @AlineaBaby has managed to Tweet “his side of the story” and gain some notoriety — even a follow from the man in doodoo himself, Achtaz. Naturally, these parody accounts only have so long of a shelf life (see “Alinea Teen” below), so we’d like to give credit to its sense of humor while it’s still relevant and funny. We can only hope @AlineaBaby will take on the dining scene in New York and across the country; let’s see how Rene Redzepi or Jose Andres deals with these little monsters — er, we mean babies.

And our favorite, when responding to Achatz’s baby détente:


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