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Todd English Must Pay Bostonians $1 Million Or They’ll Tar And Feather Him

Todd English has a lot of lawsuits on his agenda, but the newest one — filed yesterday — has big some money attached to it. The owners of Boston’s Faneuil Hall are suing the chef for over $1 million, most of it from unpaid rent.

The Boston Globe reported yesterday that English’s restaurant Kingfish Hall, which closed in March, consistently had trouble paying its rent for the past year, and the then-owners of the historic building (who turned it into a generic mall — stop ruining my American history!) began eviction procedures against him back in 2011.

Though a Boston court ordered English to pay up last year, English simply hasn’t yet, hence the latest lawsuit.  To be fair, though, no one really knew whether Kingfish Hall was actually open or not for months. This is the latest lawsuit in the English Empire over unpaid bills, and, like Great Britannica after World War 2, he’s spent the last few years scaling back and closing restaurants.

As a native Bostonian, I have to say: it’s a really bad idea to be a guy named “English”, open a restaurant in Faneuil Hall with the word “king” in it, and then take a million dollars from other Bostonians. I’m surprised that his opponents haven’t destroyed his restaurants and started dumping olives into the Harbor.  Also, I don’t know who in Boston still goes to Todd English’s restaurants. Tim Cushman and O Ya is where it’s at, obviously.


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