Todd English Charged with DWI This Weekend, Oy Vey

Someone had a bit too much fun this Labor Day weekend.

The Associated Press reports that the chef was arrested in the wee hours Sunday morning in Southampton, N.Y. English made an appearance in court that day and then posted the $1,500 bail. “The circumstances of the arrest were unavailable,” says the AP. But that mugshot is …

This is probs not going to help that “bad boy image” that English and his team are trying to fervently avoid. (Page Six even got ahold of a memo from English’s reps advising his circle to not participate in a New York Times profile of “bad boy chefs,” because well, yeah.) But don’t worry, he knows that naked hot tubbing is a bad idea, so maybe he can wrap his head around the fact that driving while intoxicated is a bad idea, too.

[Associated Press, Gawker]

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