Todd English Is Filming A Reality Show On The E! Network, For Realsies

Dear New York Post: Thank you for being such good sources for the random things going on in Todd English’s life. Thank you especially for telling us that he’s currently in the process of filming a reality show about his life for the E! Network.

Thank you, thrice, for confirming that Todd English is making his reality TV show for the same network that produces such high-quality cinéma-vérité, like Ice Loves Coco, Fashion Police, and the entire Kardashian lifestyle thing that Kardashians do. We do not mention these programs to disparage either E! or Mr. English; we are simply pointing out that he is now sharing a network with Kardashians.

(We will add that we’re quite happy that E! broadcasts The Soup and paying Joel McHale money to be handsome funny.)

According to their sources, the show follows English, and documents him “managing his empire of restaurants along with his interesting and varied personal life.” We surely have no idea what that is supposed to mean.

Also presented without comment: The last time that a television crew went behind the scenes of a restaurant empire. (To be fair, though, all English needs to do is stay away from Jeffrey Chodorow, which we’re sure he’s done for a while.)

[NYP via The Daily Meal]

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