Todd English Hosts Afterparty For The TONY Awards

Last night, some Broadway actors got dolled up for the TONY Awards, and some people danced a thing, and some Neil Patrick Harris person charmed all the heterosexual people in America, and trophies happened, blah blah blah, and then everyone went to Todd English’s Food Hall at The Plaza Hotel and ate some beautiful-looking food!

The Daily Meal has a fantastic, food porn-y slideshow of the preparations for the official TONY Afterparty, which English hosted last year as well. English is an enormous theater geek — he was hoping to meet the cast of The Book Of Mormon — and wanted to make sure that the attendees would be fed well after leaving the award ceremony at 11 PM. “I love the theater, as do my kids — it’s such a quintessential part of New York,” he said to the New York Daily News.

And since this is not a blog where we care ONLY ABOUT CHEFS AND NO OTHER CELEBRITIES EVER, we’ll note that Todd English’s empanadas and beef shortribs were noshed by none other than Paul Rudd, Josh Groban, James Mardsen, and Amanda Seyfried, as well as a host of other Broadway actors who won cool prizes and some who didn’t but were just plain awesome, like John Stamos

[Note: The author apologizes to her coworker Mariella Mosthof, who is passionate about New York theater and has a near-encyclopedic knowledge about Broadway. The author herself remembers vague bits of Rodgers and Hammerstein and promptly forgot the rest.]

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