Todd Fisher To Host United States Of Bacon, An Entire Show About One Singular Pork Product

Earlier this summer, California chef Todd Fisher of The Kitchen embarked on a cross-country tour for the Destination: America channel, filming a miniseries entitled The United States Of Meata three-part series where he charmingly ate piles of America’s best protein. (We can qualify that statement about his being “charming”; we’ve interviewed the guy.)

Months later, one of the episodes in the three-part series, The United States of Bacon, is getting its own 12-episode series! Sorry, burgers and steak. You just didn’t cut it.

As The Huffington Post summarizes it, Fisher will travel around the country, finding and eating the best bacon that the contry has to offer. Given that bacon is currently the Hammer Pants of food nowadays, Fisher has a lot of bacon to get through (the above photo is an approximation of the amount of bacon he is consuming):

In the first episode, Fisher samples a chunky peanut butter bacon cheeseburger, checks out a daily bacon happy hour, eats a garbage platter with five kinds of meat and then has some bacon-wrapped meatloaf and bacon cheddar apple pie. The second episode brings even more gluttony including deep-dish pizza and a triple-decker BLT.

And those are just the first two episodes. If this were a show about eating anything else other than bacon, we’d be nauseated. As it stands, though, everyone still loves bacon (and no one would ever have problems eating an entire package, though that’s not advised). Carry on, chef.

[The Huffington Post]

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