Is Tom Colicchio Breaking Into The Hotel Biz?

Craft Hotel, as a concept, might make you cringe, but after opening Topping Rose House in The Hamptons, it seems like Tom Colicchio has officially been bitten by the hotelier bug.

The new restaurant is located inside a the 19th-century Bridgehampton mansion, with 22 rooms and cottages for guests to bed and breakfast (and lunch and dinner and drink) in.

“I thought it would be too difficult with such a small property to have someone running the restaurant and someone else taking care of the rooms,” Colicchio admitted to Gail Simmons in an interview for Travel and Leisure. So, he just decided to have his team take over the whole enterprise.

When asked if he’d like to strike out into the hotel business on a large scale some day, Tom replied:

“Yes! I actually like it. When you think of all those great French restaurants that are in the countryside, this is similar in a lot of ways. I’ve done hotel restaurants before, so this is just an extension of hospitality and the brand. The family members who originally built this house were the Topping Roses — that’s why we called it Topping Rose House. I’d also love to have a Craft hotel.”

We’re calling it now; first location: Vegas Strip.

[Travel and Leisure]

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