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Tom Colicchio Wants A Talk Show Like Eric Ripert’s On The Table, But On A Boat

There are so many fun things about Eric Ripert’s new web series, On The Table: a fun thirty minutes where Eric and one of his Celebrity Friends get together to cook, drink, and talk about their awesome Celebrity Lives. The best part is that when you watch it, you get the sense that they’re really having fun on the set, and not putting on an act for the camera. (We should know. We were there.)

Judging from a recent interview, however, it sounds like Tom Colicchio wants in on the web talk show fun. But instead of getting his guests to lay their souls out On The Table, he’s going to take his friends…On A Boat.

“Guests would come on and go fishing with me,” he explained to Grub Street. “I would like to take people who have never fished: You get them out on the water and they really open up.”

Obviously, he’d invite chefs to go sailing on his boat, but his ideal guests on his free boat ride for three? Keith Richards and T-Pain Bill Clinton.

To be honest, this is an interesting move for Colicchio. We never thought he’d be on a boat. It’s a big blue watery road. Hey, Padma, look at him! We never thought we’d see the day where he’d fish with guests in a bay. Believe us when we say: beat that, Bobby Flay.

[Grub Street NY]

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