Tom Colicchio Empathizes With Abuse Eddie Huang Reveals In His Memoir: ‘It Is Not Good Parenting’

On the night of his book launch party, Eddie Huang held a talk-back on his memoir Fresh Off the Boat, moderated by Tom Colicchio, at a Barnes and Noble in Union Square. We’re pretty sure that besides the time Anthony Bourdain did a Q & A there in which he revealed his favorite vehicle for smoking pot (joint, two papers; spliff is a deal-breaker), this was one of the wilder literary events the bookstore hosted.

Eddie admitted that he wanted to write the memoir while he was “still mad” so as not to romanticize his troubled youth. Naturally, someone got curious and asked about one of the book’s darker aspects — the abuse he suffered at the hands of his parents.

“This was the hardest part of the book — to shoot your parents in the face,” he admitted, adding, “There were times I needed to be hit…I don’t know if it is correct to say that it made me a stronger person.”

Generously taking some of the heat of Eddie, Tom recalled a time he was hit as an older kid and weighed in: “It is not good parenting…It’s about losing control. It’s a cycle that needs to stop.”

Alright, Colicchio, you earned your gruff but tender gay bear icon card in that moment.


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