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Tom Colicchio: GMO Labeling Laws Are ‘Beyond Debate’

“You can debate the ethics of tinkering with the DNA of the plants and animals we eat — but it’s beyond debate that consumers have the right to know what they’re buying for the family table.”

That’s the message of food crusader/ superhero/ chef Tom Colicchio’s newest op-ed for the New York Daily News, urging New Yorkers to get behind GMO labeling legislation. Colicchio makes the same basic argument that he’s been making for awhile: we are in a “crippling confusion” about what actually is in our food, thanks to marketing ploys, hard fights against any sort of food label legislation, and seedy chemical and food product companies who continue to keep us all in the dark.

So you know, the same basic argument that Colicchio has been fighting for just about forever. And the state of New York is falling behind — Vermont is pushing forward with its labeling law, with Connecticut, Maine, Oregon, and Colorado not far behind. Colicchio writes:

New York’s legislation has been steadily moving through committees in the Assembly this year. It could soon come up for a floor vote if Speaker Sheldon Silver and fellow Democrats decide to take a stand against undue corporate influence and do what’s right for New Yorkers. We all have the right to know what’s in our food. Let’s put that in writing.

Get on it, New York.

[New York Daily News]

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