The True Story Of How Tom Colicchio Was Almost Cast In Sex And The City

Hey ladies (and gay men)! Tom Colicchio could have been as iconic as Manolo Blahnik, considering how close he was to being on the pilot of Sex And The City.

After answering a question about Treme in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the topic soon turned to Colicchio’s acting abilities. “I was supposed to do a cameo in a movie…actually it was the pilot for Sex and the City!” he recalled.

“It was shot in my restaurant when I had Gramercy Tavern, and they wanted me by the grill. Two things happened: I screwed up my leg, so I was on crutches, and we had a fire in the restaurant the night before, so we couldn’t light the grill.”

We can’t help but wonder: What if Tom Colicchio had been in the Sex And The City pilot back in 1998? Would he have become a breakout hit, like Mr. Big? Would people forget who he was, like that Scooter guy (or Skipper or whatever) Miranda was dating? Would he have received a cutesy nickname, like “The Cue-Ball,” or “The Bear”? Would we have even remembered what any of these things from Sex And The City were, if this article hadn’t popped up? The world is full of secrets and mysteries.

[THR via HuffPost]

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