Tom Colicchio Tells Young Chefs To Stay Off Television, Lest They End Up Like Tyler Stone

At the party honoring Food and Wine’s Best New Chefs, Tom Colicchio had some advice for the fledgling, newborn Big League chefs as they wobble their way into celebrity chefdom: “You have to stay home, you have to stay in your restaurants,” he told The Daily Meal.

“A lot of these guys [have to] resist the temptation to go on tour and go to all these festivals and do the TV thing,” he added, “and you [have to] stay home and take care of business first.” Specifically: grow a team who can take care of business, train them to run your restaurant, and gain enough confidence in your restaurant’s quality. Then, and only then, do you get to be like Tom Colicchio and make television shows and movies and ads about Diet Coke.

While this advice is good for all the recent winners of the Best New Chef award (even proto-celebrity chefs like Danny Bowien and Michael Voltaggio), it’s really most applicable to the millenial whippersnapper chefs out there. Remember Tyler Stone? He was the 22-year-old guy from Season 9 of Top Chef. You know, the one who got kicked off five minutes into the competition because he didn’t know enough about butchering:

So the real lesson here is “Don’t go on television if you haven’t got your shit together.” That’s actually a pretty good life lesson.

[The Daily Meal]

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