WATCH: Tom Parker Bowles Admits He Prefers American BBQ To Michelin-Starred British Food

Tom Parker Bowles, son of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, went on CNN’s Starting Point this morning to promote was his new book Let’s Eat: Recipes from My Kitchen Notebook (for which he’s doing a press junket this week), and discuss how British fare has a bad reputation, but can be super delicious.

Unfortunately, he was sharing a round-table discussion space with some Southerners and a Texan, so the conversation turned into everybody getting him to talk about how American food was better than British food in every way. He copped to an obsession with American Barbecue, and lamented that there was really only one great BBQ spot in London that had a “proper smoker.”

Bowles also touted street food as a preference over Michelin-starred food — though, he admitted Mexico and Thailand were the best at producing it. Your move, Texas.

Watch how cowboys hijacked Tom Parker Bowles’ defense of traditional British food below.

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