Tonight in Food TV: Anthony Bourdain Tackles Mississippi Racism, Eats Collard Greens and Pig Ear Sandwiches on Parts Unknown


At least he acknowledges that he knows next to nothing about Mississippi. (And honestly, neither do we.)

So this episode of Parts Unknown looks particularly intriguing. From Anthony Bourdain’s Tumblr:

… I have long since learned to find myself comfortable in as “foreign” an environment as Saudi Arabia, Liberia, or Cambodia. Why can’t I get to know and love this part of my own country? Particularly when what we love about our country—what is undeniably great about America, its most powerful and persuasive export and gift to the world—comes from the state of Mississippi. It changed the world like nothing else American…

We sure as Hell didn’t “explain” Mississippi in this episode. I doubt I left the state much smarter than I entered it. It’s not a representative overview of “what you should know or see while in Mississippi”. But I hope that viewers will get a taste of a uniquely beautiful place –where some of the last of some truly great American institutions are still alive. Where you can hear the blues performed where it was born—in exactly the same surroundings, the same kind of bar, as when it all began. Where you can have an irony free pigs ear sandwich that will make you weep for joy.

Hm … we’ll just take the collard greens over the pigs ear sandwich.


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