Tonight in Food TV (But Not Really): What the Stars Eat at the Golden Globes

Let’s be real, celebrities are only at the Golden Globes to get drunk and eat a free meal, right? (That and to bask in the glorious wonder that is Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.) So let’s see what they’re eating tonight!

Behind the meal are the chefs at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, Cali., and the meal does look pretty awesome. Pop some Chandon and let’s get going! From CBS News:

It starts off with an appetizer trio of grilled eggplant with sundried tomato and pine nut hummus on seared tomato; mini sweet pepper with feta cheese, pomegranate, herbs and California olive oil on grilled pita; and grilled artichoke on multigrain tabbouleh and tahini.

Mediterranean spice-crusted braised beef short rib and sauteed smoked filet of Atlantic sea trout are on the menu for the entree, with spinach sweet corn ragout and light cream of tomato dill sauce. And after dinner comes a mango dessert on almond sponge cake with creme anglaise.

And if you want to drink like the stars, either pop open Chandon (the champagne of the night) or make a Golden Night, a mix of champagne, pear brandy, and cardamom flavored syrup. Have fun, you crazy party people!

[CBS News]

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