Tonight In Food TV: Everyone Messes Up On Around The World In 80 Plates

On tonight’s Around the World in 80 Plates, the cheftestants make their way to Argentina, where everybody completely falls apart. Their first challenge is to prepare empanadas that are good enough to sell to locals, but Liz forgets to check on hers, and they end up burning in the oven. Her partner, John is — shocker! — super annoyed, but that’s pretty much his default setting. Meanwhile, Avery is stressed out; she’s not only worried about her dish, but she doesn’t trust that her partner, Nookie, won’t throw her under the bus. Nookie’s got some problems of his own, however, and the Argentinean judges are not very impressed with his steak. Looks like tonight’s elimination is up in the air.

Check out the sneak peek below!

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