Tonight in Food TV: Frankenfood Gives Us Peanut Butter & Jelly Meatballs, a ‘Brat-nana Split’ — Hoo, Boy


We suspect that the new Spike TV series Frankenfood, premiering tonight, is going to be like a really epic, horrifying car crash that we can’t look away from.

Frankenfood takes a tour of the weirdest food mashups in each city, with hosts Josh Capon, Tony Luke Jr., and a “guest host” to test them all. And the results are, well, … you can probably take a gander that it isn’t all edible.

The “Balls of America,” made by a Rockette dancer, is a spaghetti-filled meatball made with a peanut butter sauce and grape jelly on top.

The “Brat-nana Split” is exactly what it sounds like: a bratwurst inside a ice cream split.

And the “Windy City” is a deep-dish Chicago pizza with all the works of a Chicago dog.

Essentially, this is a show profiting off the work of Dominique Ansel, Keizo Shimamoto (creator of the ramen burger and ramen fries), and other food-hybrid creators to turn everything we love into, well, a Frankenfood. Can we stomach a full season of this? And, more importantly, are we on the cusp of more frenzy-inducing hybrid foods like the Cronut?

Please God, let it not be the bratwurst topped with ice cream.

According to the New York Daily News, “the winner of the best Frankenfood in each city takes home $10,000 and earns a spot on the menu of a local restaurant.” But really, if a food show requires “spitter buckets” for the judges, we can safely assume that many of these hybrids will be put out to pasture before they even had their moment in the spotlight.

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