Tonight In Food TV: Grease Burns Are For Wussies

Gordon Ramsay is not-known for being a calm, mild-mannered guy. But on tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef, he doesn’t even come close to being the angriest person in the room. Get the popcorn, because it’s about to get good.

First, on Hell’s Kitchen, surprise, surprise: the girls’ team hates each other. Apparently, they hate each other so much that even with one cheftestant covered in grease burns, another one tries to start a fight with her. Meanwhile, one of the guys messes something up so badly that Gordon kicks him out of the kitchen mid-service. The time-out is thematically fitting, as they’re preparing a dinner service for children. The cheftestants better brace themselves. Kids are more brutally honest than Gordon could ever hope to be.

Then, on MasterChef, there’s a Mystery Guest coming for the Mystery Box Challenge. Most likely, it’s an opportunity for one of the judges to show the cheftestants how things are done. Judging by Joe Bastianich‘s reaction to one dish, if things aren’t done right, they get thrown in the trash. The judges will also be eliminating two people, but knowing the way reality television works, neither of them will be Tali.

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