Tonight In Food TV: Guess Who’s Back?

Monday night means only one thing: it’s once again time for the Gordon Ramsay extravaganza that is Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef, and tonight’s episodes promise to be big. We’re not sure how excited the cheftestants are, but we’re pretty pumped.

Tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen is said to be a night of “outrageous infighting and intense confrontation”… Isn’t that every episode of this show? Anyway, the cheftestants find themselves faced with a Southern cooking challenge, which should be no big deal for the girls’ team. They’ve got Southerner Kimmie, who is excited to “rock” it, but it appears that she got a little too excited and forgot how to cook a catfish. Meanwhile, on the guys’ team, Brian mouths off during the service, angering not only Gordon, but also the rest of his team. Rule One of Hell’s Kitchen, everybody: never talk back to Gordon Ramsay. You simply do not know enough vicious insults.

Then, on MasterChef, Ryan is back, and just as cartoon-villainous as ever. He and the other eliminated cheftestants are cooking for a chance to rejoin the competition. Unfortunately for him, the current cheftestants are judging, and to say that they hate him would be putting it mildly. Although, if Tali manages to win his way back, we’ll be furious — it took forever to get rid of him in the first place.

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