Tonight In Food TV: The Best Mystery Box Challenge Ever, Y’All

Tonight’s two hour Gordon Ramsay cooking extravaganza has it all: fighting, quitting, hilarious editing, and quite possibly the most entertaining mystery box contents of all time.

First up, on Hell’s Kitchen, remember those few episodes where everyone stopped fighting for a little while? Well, that’s over and everyone hates each other once again. Robin in particular has gotten into the fighting spirit, and the editors have illustrated this with a hilariously menacing shot of her pulling a spoon from her pocket. The editors on this show must love their job. Meanwhile, on the girls’ team, Tiffany just doesn’t care anymore — although, it could be argued that she never really cared in the first place.

Then, on MasterChef, Paula Deen is in the mystery box, y’all, ready to help the cheftestants “put some south in [their] mouth”. And because everyone’s wondering: yes, things are being deep fried. Why else would Paula be on the show? To teach them how to make a salad? Please.

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