Tonight In Food TV: Things Get Intense on Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef

It’s coming down to the wire on the Gordon Ramsay Cooking Hours. The cheftestants are slowly being whittled down, and the challenges are being stepped up. Which means that tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen and MsterChef are getting serious.

On tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen, it’s down to the final seven contestants, and guess what? There’s even more fighting. How does anyone on this show find the time to cook with all of the arguments that keep happening? On the girls’ team, Dana and Christina have decided to team up against Barbie even though it might cost them the extra help they need. Meanwhile, Robin has decided to take on the entire boys’ team… or maybe the entire team has decided to take on Robin. Either way, its her against the boys, and nobody’s looking good.

Then, on MasterChef, now that Josh has rejoined the competition, the cheftestants are challenged to work with live shellfish. Unfortunately for them, the shrimp have decided to make a bid for freedom, and this causes complete chaos. We don’t blame them — any death has to be better than becoming a meal in a Gordon Ramsay cooking competition.

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