Tonight In Food TV: Watch A Preview For Tonight’s Next Iron Chef: Redemption Finale!

At long last, three chefs have made it to the finale of The Next Iron Chef, and this time, it’s even more bittersweet: after losing during their previous appearances on the show, Alex Guarnaschelli, Amanda Freitag, and Nate Applebaum have willingly pushed themselves through the reality competition…again. But before the final two can compete as food gladiators in Kitchen Stadium, they have one more challenge to complete for Alton Brown…and it involves, as always, running through a Las Vegas kitchen while dramatic music plays.

Will a lady chef be crowned the next Iron Chef? Will Marcel Vigneron pop out of some hidey-hole and mess things up for the competitors? Will that secret save card that Spike Mendelsohn teased/made up come into play? Will the Chairman throw things out of whack by really installing a killer robot nicknamed the Ice Cream Machine Of DOOM! in the final battle in Kitchen Stadium? Tune in tonight at 9/8 CT to find out — and remind yourself exactly what happened last week by watching the video below, which also contains a preview! (We understand that with the vacations and family gatherings and all, your poor holiday brain probably purged itself of Next Iron Chef: Redemption memories.)

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