Tonight in Food TV: We’d Give Anything to Tour Lyon with Daniel Boulud and Anthony Bourdain

But for real — what do we have to do to get in on this foodie road trip? Because uh, there’s not much we wouldn’t do for this trip of a lifetime.

Anthony Bourdain calls this Parts Unknown episode in Lyon, France “the greatest hour of food porn” ever to hit airwaves, and we’re tempted to believe him. And also, look how happy Daniel Boulud and Bourdain are in the car!

Bourdain elaborated more on his Tumblr about the Lyon episode, including the fearsome “Les Meres” (mothers) who ruled the Lyon food world, and the superior cuisine served at Boulud’s primary school. And also, this little tribute to Paul Bocuse:

When I was a young cook, getting MY ass kicked on a regular basis, or bouncing from one never-gonna-happen kitchen to another, I owned a treasured copy of Paul Bocuse’s “La Cuisine de Marche.” I’d stare for hours at a time at the photos of dishes like Truffle Soup Elysee en croute, Lievre a la Royale, his incredible whole fish in pastry, trying to figure out how, how anyone could make such beautiful things. Struggling through the recipes with my rudimentary French skills didn’t help much in solving the mystery or lessening the wonder. The dishes remained, for all my life, unapproachable—a lost ideal, legendary creations of another time that I. sadly, would never see.

On this episode, I finally got to see them. Better yet, to eat all of them, the Greatest Hits of the Glorious career of Paul Bocuse — while he sat next to me. It was an amazing, unexpected, never-dreamed of, late in life windfall. Like a lifelong Yankee fan, somehow finding himself throwing the ball around the backyard with Joe DiMaggio.

We’re prepared to gnaw through our left arm in jealousy over this episode.


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