Tonight In Food TV: Why Rapping And Cooking Don’t Mix

If there’s one thing that Gordon Ramsay knows how to do, it’s deliver quality television. Tonight’s episodes of Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef certainly don’t disappoint.

On tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen, two rivals get the showdown they’ve been waiting for, and the girls’ team falls apart even further. The editors decide to illustrate the fighting with black and white freeze frames, slow-motion laughter and dramatic close-ups. Then, something amazing happens: one of the cheftestants starts rapping. This isn’t a joke. She actually wrote a rap about being on Hell’s Kitchen and performs it for her teammates. When they said it was a “bizarre” episode, they weren’t lying.

Then, on a slightly less odd MasterChef, the cheftestants are challenged to break into teams to cook and serve food from food trucks. Predictably, one team is unable to handle the pressure, and start screaming at each other while Gordon waits to order. Later, it’s pasta making chaos, and the possibility that Tali might finally get the boot. Fingers crossed, everyone.

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