WATCH: Padma Gets Jiggy With It For Top Chef Music Video Promo

Top Chef Season 10 is such a rockin’ good time, it’s got Padma dancing like she’s still married to Salman Rushdie it’s 1999! In the latest promo for the Seattle-based season, which kicks off November 7th, we catch a glimpse of what we can expect in the form of: a goofy music video trailer.

Highlights include:

  • -Padma dancing a lot
  • -Padma dancing while banging on pots, pans, whisks, bowls, knives, sharpeners, etc.
  • -Padma dancing with giant fish
  • -Chef-testants dancing with melons
  • -Ambitious mustaches
  • -Padma photo-bombing Colicchio with secret bunny ears

It’s just like Glee! Check out everyone getting their sass on in the promo below.

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