Top Chef Cruise Adds Paul Qui, Yigit Pura, Fabio Viviani And Richard Blais

Did Top Chef just take their cruise to a whole ‘nother level? Because not only did they add Paul Qui and Yigit Pura to the lineup, they also invited the greatest Top Chef bromance the world has ever seen to celebrate their love on the ship: Richard “Jack Dawson” Blais and Fabio “Rose DeWitt Bukater” Viviani. Their respective shows may have ended (or moved into Life After Top Chef), but their hearts will go on, and on.

Qui, Pura, and Blaisiani (we’ll find a portmanteau for the two of them, just you wait) join 11 other Top Chef alums as well as Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons, Tim Love, and DJ Hubert “Skrillex” Keller, who’s hosting a late-night dance party. (This is the one time where “dropping the bass” may not mean that a fish fell on the floor.)

What is this ridiculous but strangely compelling cruise, taking place next April? Why are guests paying for, and we quote, “an exclusive ‘Dining in the Dark’ experience that will surely enlighten the senses”? O Bravo! who has your Cheftestants vexed and tired, why send them upon the wideness of the Sea?

Eh, we know why. Because it’s awesome and because they can.

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