WATCH: The Supercut You’ve Always Wanted Of Every Top Chef Elimination

If you needed a reminder as to why Padma Lakshmi replaced Katie Lee on Season 2 of Top Chef, here’s a convenient supercut of Every Top Chef Elimination Ever, which pretty flawlessly covers it. In a nutshell, her pregnant pause between “please pack your knives” and “and go” was completely unbearable. Padma’s “please pack your knives and go”, on the other hand, is as swift and fluid as a guillotine.

Remember back in Season 2 when Padma had yet to fine-tune her ruthless, contestant-slaughtering skills? She had to choke back tears during both Elia and Sam’s elimination.

Remember Jen Carroll full-on cracking up in disbelief during her All-Stars elimination (later to burst into tears, curse out Tom Colicchio, tell off Eric Ripert, and leave his service to open her own restaurant with investors she wound up ditching) in what we fear may be the chef version of a psychotic break?

Les bons temps have certainly rouler-ed over the past 10 seasons, and you can check them out in the supercut below. Beware: the phrase “please pack your knives and go” will have lost all meaning eight and a half minutes from now. You might also feel a little stoned. That’s normal, and it will subside.

[via Eater.]

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