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Top Chef Kitchen Press Event Conveniently Highlights The Creator Of LOLCats

Curse you and your synergy, Bravo! It was a dastardly move on your part, inviting Ben Huh, CEO of I Can Haz Cheezburger and star of your newest reality show LOLWORK, to the press event at your latest stunt, Top Chef Kitchen. With James Beard Award-winner Paul Qui and All-Star Tiffany Derry cooking, an observer would think you’d want the press to focus on the food and how good everything tasted.

But no. You brought in LOLcats for some reason. The reporter from the New York Observer, who sat at Huh’s table, has a pretty good idea why:

“I was the first person to use the term ‘internet culture,’” he told us.

“But mainly you make macro images of FAILS and cats,” we said. “How do you make a show around that?”

Apparently the answer was that it would be a drama-free reality show, which makes about as much sense as pouring money into a restaurant whose purpose was to serve as a five-week synergistic branding of a popular TV series.

Clearly, this is what Bravo thought would happen by bringing Huh to a Top Chef press event:


But this is what happened instead:

fighting cats

And this was likely everyone’s reaction to seeing the Father of LOLcats at a Top Chef event:

[New York Observer]


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