Top Chef Announces The Return Of Last Chance Kitchen


Everybody, freak out! Top Chef is doing that thing again where they screw with the format of the competition to mess with everyone’s sanity!

Bravo sent out a press release this morning announcing the return of Last Chance Kitchen, the webseries begun last year where eliminated Top Chef: Seattle contestants compete to return to the actual show, and thereby fuck with their competitors’ minds. (Hiiiiii, Beverly Kim!)

But wait, there’s a twist! The winner of Last Chance Kitchen will automatically earn a spot…in the finale! (Byyyye, Beverly Kim.)

And on top of this, a twistier twist! There’s a subcompetition to this subcompetition called Save A Chef, where viewers can vote, using some sort of Twitter hashtag mechanism, for their favorite chef on Last Chance Kitchen to make it to the webseries’ finale. Then the winner of that competition has to win the sub-competition, in order to make it back onto the real competition, and if they lose in the real competition, they’ll maybe have a chance to be brought back in three seasons to compete again.

Okay, Bravo, this is just dumb. We just tried to write all that out, and now we’re in an apoplectic rage over how confusing that all was. Seriously. It’s like an obese version of Inception, or if Franz Kafka were to script a reality television show about the existential despair of packing one’s knives after being transformed into a bug. (It’s that confusing. Just — please, make a show about people who are cooking. Is it that hard?)

[Bravo via Eater]

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