Tonight In Food TV: Top Chef Masters Enters The Boxing Ring

As we’ve already noted once today: weird stuff happens in Vegas. Sometimes Gordon Ramsay gets sawed in half by magicians, and sometimes, Curtis Stone acts as the world’s most exuberant and vocally untrained boxing announcer. He does his best “let’s get ready to sautee” shout in tonight’s episode of Top Chef Masters, which features the chefs going “knife to knife” in the boxing ring for guest judge Sugar Ray Leonard (we wish we knew more about boxing metaphors). Unfortunately, Curtis must have missed “how to yell in a healthy way” day in Booming Announcer Voice Class, because we’ve watched the clip below several times now, and his painful vocal crack makes us wince every time. Maybe just back off it a little, huh, Curtis? We don’t want you to hurt yourself.

Anyway, the chefs head into the ring for their elimination challenge, after a mise en place race in the Quickfire. Although, as we all know, if Tom Colicchio isn’t there to judge your mise en place, then you are no mise en place champion in our eyes.

In the clip below, Patricia “The Pan-Asian Sensation” Yeo faces off against Lorena “The Queen of Passion” Garcia, with 20 minutes to make something awesome with bacon. Uh, obviously some cheftestants’ boxing nicknames were catchier than others’. Check out the sneak peek and tune into Top Chef: Masters tonight at 10pm on Bravo!

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