WATCH: The Top Chef Masters Art Smith Vs. Chris Cosentino Brawl Of The Week

On this week’s Top Chef: Masters, competitors paid homage to the Olympics by creating a no-heat Quick Fire dish for Winter Olympian-turned-Food Network star (AKA, the best kind of Olympian) Brian Boitano. Takashi predictably won (sushi challenge, duh), and the Asian motif continued into the Elimination Round.

Chefs had to compete in teams cooking Teppanyaki for a judging panel that included Francis Lam and Top Chef: Masters alums Mary Sue Milliken, Susan Feniger, Rick Moonen, and Jonathan Waxman. Fun fact: did you know Jonathan was the source of Art’s “Honey Bear” nickname from way back?

And, of course, Art wound up on a team with his arch nemesis Chris Cosetino, which provided endless opportunities for spats. Plus, this week’s Benihana-style challenge required them to cook/fight in front of their judges. Curtis admitted that it made him uncomfortable, but the rest seemed to find it endearing. Because it’s so cute when Chris calls Art a “son of a bitch” for forgetting to put his mandolin on the prep cart! Like, baby hedgehog cute! For the record, Art wound up winning the challenge while Mark Gaier was sent packing. Check out the brawl clip below.

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