WATCH: David Burke Gets Tricked by a Mexican Wrestling Burlesque Drag Perfomer

What the hell is going on with tonight’s Top Chef: Masters? Apparently, they’ve run out of kooky challenges is what. If you remember correctly, Top Chef: Masters had both boxing- AND burlesque-themed challenges last season, so why not combine them along with the element of comedy and creepy masked Mexican wrestling? We know not.

Tonight, the chefs are tasked with serving two Mexican dishes to a crowd of 300 people ringside at a Lucha Vavoom show. The chefs receive the added bonus of getting to watch a bit of the performance before service, which results in David Burke copping a crush on a sassy gender-bending burlesque performer. Good work, performer.

Check out a clip below and tune into tonight’s Top Chef: Masters at 10pm on Bravo.

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