WATCH: Top Chef Masters Judges Rate Food With Playboy Playmates And Friends

Last night’s Top Chef: Masters was pretty packed with awesome. Indigo Girls visited for a vegetarian vs. meat-friendly Quickfire Challenge; our high school girl hearts sang. Art Smith and Takashi drooled all over poor Holly Madison. Judge Francis Lam found his on-camera sassy (“You know, the turkey burger is one of the great tragedies of American cooking…”), and Takashi showed off his French, bidding his BFF Thierry à bientôt as the Frenchman was eliminated. But James Oseland was by far the belle of the ball.

And by “the ball,” we mean a drunken poolside brunch hosted by former Playmate Holly Madison. So, as you can imagine, it was classy as all get out. Throw in buff Playboy-grade eye candy, and all of a sudden the editor-in-chief of Saveur Magazine is in a ‘shup contest with Guy Fieri some pretty boy. As Bravo’s convenient pop-up blurb informed us, James has a “troubled relationship” with push-ups, but “a little manly competition” inspired him to press out a respectable two to the muscle man’s 40. And by “a little manly competition,” we think James means “alcohol.” Just a guess.

Also, Playmate pool party means models eating, which is endlessly entertaining. Watch what happens when Curtis Stone asks a female guest how she liked her sheep’s milk panna cotta below (it’s literally like they’ve never seen foods before). Oh, and we included the ‘shup contest for good measure. You’re welcome.

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