WATCH: Top Chef Masters Tackle Sex-Themed Challenge Tonight, What Could Be Awkward About It?

As you may or may not be aware, the cast of Days of Our Lives will be joining the Top Chef: Masters tonight as their dinner guests, which means that the chefs drew knives (we’re guessing) to cook around the soap opera themes of either Sex, Murder, or Greed.

Sang Yoon is going with a “dismembered chicken” dish for his murder theme, which, HM WHERE HAVE WE SEEN THAT BEFORE. (Love you, Grayson. Miss you twice. MM-ACK.)

Meanwhile, a handful of the sex chefs are choosing different stages of sex around which to organize their dishes: foreplay, menage a trois, etc. Oh, you never needed to imagine David Burke in a threesome? Too bad. Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode, presumably timed with Ruth Bourdain’s coming out because those Elves sure are Magical, below.

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