WATCH: Can You Spot Which Top Chef Master Won Battle of the Sous Chefs in This Teaser?

Alright, fine, we’re DRUNK WITH SPOILER POWER this morning. But it isn’t our fault that the Magical Elves didn’t quite manage to frame out the reigning Battle of the Sous Chefs Episode 7 champ, who was supposed to be revealed in tonight’s episode.

As we happily reported last week, double-eliminated cheftestants Sue Zemanick and Jen Jasinski were offered the chance to face off in Battle of the Sous Chefs to reclaim their spot in the competition tonight, lest we be left with an all-male Top 5. Keep an eye out for those elegant glasses and a swatch of blonde hair on the far left side of the screen around 0:27 in the preview clip below to spot the winner.

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