Top Chef Masters Restaurant Wars: ‘Have You Waited Tables Before?!’ (VIDEO)

Note to self, aspiring models: when submitting for “background work” on Top Chef: Masters, with table-waiting experience required, know that some control freaks are about to be condescending jerkbags to you, on camera, in front of a few million viewers. Because, should you manage to book the elite Restaurant Wars episode, there might be some harsh and harried chefs bossing your well-sculpted faces around.

On last night’s Restaurant Wars, David Burke, who was managing front of house for the winning “72 and Sunny” concept, decided to put the most experienced server on the line expediting, rather that waiting tables. Sang Yoon was not the comfiest with this. His competition BFF Douglas Keane even called him out for being harsh with the staffers in a confessional clip, admitting that they gelled well as friends, but not as coworkers, based on the way he was treating the waiters.

For the record: Sang won the challenge last night with the best dish. Check out his Iron Fist in action below.

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