WATCH: And the Winner of Top Chef Masters Is…

After four stunning courses served to the likes of Curtis Stone, Gail Simmons, James Oseland, Francis Lam, Ruth Reichl, Leslie Suter, Jane Goldman, Alan Richman, and a bunch of other impressive critics, the final three cheftestants and their sous stood with bated breath waiting to hear who delivered the winningest meal of all.

Our hearts broke a little for Always The Bridesmaid, Never the Top Chef Bryan Voltaggio, because, yet again, he came in as runner up to…

Douglas Keane! Who by the way, gave quite the moving acceptance speech. His genuine gratitude over winning is pretty adorable, though, and you should probably watch the big reveal below. It’ll stir your heart. Also, congrats to the Magical Elves for making the best epilogue ever happen at the close of this episode. (Ooh, don’t you want to watch the clip now?)

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