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WATCH: Top Chef Masters Bridge Generation Gap To Teach Teen Culinary Students

We wish part of last night’s Top Chef: Masters Elimination Challenge included the final three chefs being critiqued by their mentees, because Chris Cosentino’s knack for working with kids is pretty much the most heartwarming thing ever. After blindly guiding James Oseland, Ruth Reichl, and Francis Lam in their Quickfire Challenge, the cheftestants were tasked with guiding teen culinary students to make dishes for the Elimination Challenge (Episode title? “Old School, New School.”).

Chris, Kerry Heffernan, and Lorena Garcia were not permitted to touch any of the food that would be served that night, so any demonstrations they showed their team were unusable in the final dish. It was clear that Chris lucked out from the moment his student shook his hand and uttered the words, “…So you’re the meat guy, huh?”

Kerry ruled his team with an iron fist, and definitely took on the role of tough master teacher. Lorena mothered her team to try and ease their nerves, while Chris acted like the cool, fun uncle.

Ultimately, Lorena’s dish was deemed by critics to be too homey and not quite restaurant-quality enough to proceed to the finale. While Chris’s team plated their food too early, he scraped by to join challenge winner Kerry in next week’s finale. Check out parts one and two of the chefs’ prep below to see how they fared at wrangling their students.

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